The Black Bloc are a ferocious live act combining a curious hybrid of sounds. Primarily rooted in all things Post-Punk, with shades of Electronica, Dub, Hip-Hop, Rock, Psychedelia and Krautrock in the mix, the band create a truly unique live experience. They've been affectionately described as 'Rage Against The Machine on Acid' and have been creating quite a stir on the UK live circuit.

Having being passionately championed by BBC Introducing and The Joe Strummer Foundation for new music plus having several major festival appearances under their belt, including Glastonbury, Shambala and Wychwood, The Black Bloc's 'Awesome, ferocious, seriously tight and relentless' shows are not to be missed.

The Black Bloc are from Halifax and Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, Great Britain and were active between 2006 and 2011.


"Some Sunday nights we all stop when the sessions on and just listen. This was one of those moments that stopped you in your tracks. One of the best sessions we have ever had and this show's been going seven years so I don't say that kind of thing lightly, but The Black Bloc were absolutely brilliant!"
(BBC Introducing Leeds & Humberside)

“Awesome: Ferocious, seriously tight and relentless”
(Venue Magazine)

“We are delighted to have The Black Bloc”
(Glastonbury Festival)

“Refreshing and bold - 4.5 out of 5”
(Leeds Music Scene)

“Warmly endorsed by BBC Introducing”
(BBC Radio 6 Music Introducing)

“They feature the most confident, inventive guitarist of the day and are probably this writers most interesting recent band discovery too."
(Venue Magazine - The Bristol Festival 2009 Review)

"New aged indie with an edge, you would be a fool to mis out!"

“Rage Against The Machine on acid”
(The Muso Journal)

"It’s such a pleasure to hear something original and to watch such a riotous performance…This band are more than a bit special and are destined for great things...My one's to watch for the weekend.”
(Stroud News & Journal - Wychwood Festival 2009 Review)

“Politically charged space-punk bursting with ambient hooks”
(Translate Zine)

“Absolutely amazing!”
(Stroud FM)

“Fantastic live, I really recommend it - go and see them!”
(BBC Introducing Bristol)

"A hidden gem in waiting"
(The Sunday Experience)

"Proper raw Northern music"
(Strummerville - The Joe Strummer Foundation)

“A brilliant magical pulsating sound”
(Crown of Lights)

“Northern Rockers with a lot to shout about”
(Itchy Guide)

"Combining deep grooves, psychedelic guitar, and powerful melodies to great effect."
(Halifax Evening Courier)

"Beautifully stark"
(Yorkshire Music Collective) 

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